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Residential Moving Guide


KwikStix understands that moving your residential home can be a stressful and daunting prospect. Moving your residential home from one location to another consists of packing and transporting often thousands of different objects, each of different value, shape and size. Not to mention the stress of actually selling, buying and/or renting a new home. That’s why we’ve put together this “Residential Moving Guide” to help you prepare and plan for a smooth and efficient move.

Get Removal Quotes

Once you have decided to move and you are in the process of getting your new Brighton or Sussex residential home make sure you start getting removal quotes as early as possible.  We advise you to contact a Brighton removals company to get quotes ideally at least one month in advance even if you don’t know when your moving date will be at that point.

A removal company like KwikStix will then explain the services they provide and agree with you exactly what’s to be included in the moving quotation. This will also allow the residential moving services company to organise the appropriate vehicles, number of men required and packing materials to meet your moving requirements.

Packing and Packing Material

KwikStix know all too well that packing your home can be the most time consuming and frustrating part of any move. At this point we recommended that you allow yourself enough time to pack remembering that packing can take longer than you think. Also remember to use quality packing material because inadequate or cheap packing material could end up damaging your stuff in the move. Please read our article on “Common Moving Mistakes” to help you avoid any of these potential problems.

We strongly suggest that if you can afford it then you should have your packing done professionally. Removal companies, like KwikStix, use a range of appropriate packing materials and employ fully trained staff who will pack your things professionally and safely.

Removal Insurance

Even with the greatest care taken, no mover can guarantee that your personal and cherished belongings won’t get damaged in transit. Make sure the residential removal company you use provides fully comprehensive insurance. KwikStix’s professional Brighton home removal services are actually fully insured up to the value of £20,000.

Utility Providers

Recording your utility mains readings is your responsibility so make sure you do not forget to write down your utility readings on your moving day.  If it is possible make arrangements with your utility companies well in advance. Remember to also inform your telephone company and Internet Service Provider.

What to Take

Decide what you would like to take to your new home as early as possible.  This way you can also get a more accurate removal quote because the residential removal company will know exactly what to quote for.

Remember the more stuff you move the more it will cost to move so don’t be afraid to purge. Ask yourself the question “is really worth taking this item?” You don’t want to be taking the word and its camping pod. You should ideally go through all your belongings and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last year. If you are purging some stuff it is advisable to try to remove these items before the moving day.

Deep Freezers

KwitStix advise that when you know you are moving you should run down your food stocks as much as possible. This is particular important when it come to Freezer food. Freezers should be completely emptied of their contents and fully defrosted before the move.  Freezers cannot be moved whilst loaded as this can cause compressor failure on the freezer unit.

Light Fittings

If you wish to keep your light fittings then make sure you remove them before your moving day as your removal company will not carry this out due them not being qualified to do so.


It is OK to leave clothes and other light items inside drawers, but heavier items such as books, files or tools should be removed and packed separately.

Property Access

Make sure you find out if there are any restrictions at either location which would prevent the residential removal company from parking there. Not being able to be park near the property could cause a verity of issues relating to your moving day. If there are parking restrictions then inform your removal company straight away so arrangements can be made with the relevant authorities for permission to park.

Other property access issues such as include narrow streets, overhanging trees, unmade roads, small doorways, spiral staircases, etc should also be addressed and recognised  before the day of the move.

Multi-Storey Buildings

If you are moving to a flat or a multi-storey building then KwikStix recommends that you find out whether there is a fully working left on the premises and if so how big the left is? We would also recommend that you make arrangements for priority use of the lift for the day of your move.

Spare Key

From our experience KwikStix has found that sometimes the removal vehicle will arrive at your new home before you do. T o prevent any delays on your moving day we recommended that you supply your Removal team with a spare key so they won’t lose any time waiting for you.

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