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Common Moving Mistakes


Moving your business or home is stressful at the best of times so the last thing you want is any mistakes during the whole process. Everyone would like their move to go smooth, easy and problem free. Removal companies help make your move far easier, but things can still go wrong. To help to try to avoid any of these potential problems KwikStix have provided some of the common mistakes made with moving.

Here are some easy mistakes people make and what they should do instead:

Do a final sweep of the house

We all worry about leaving something behind so do a final sweep of the house before you leave juts to ease your mind. You don’t what this to be playing on your mind all day. To avoid unnecessary stress check all cupboards and crevices so you don’t miss anything, especially if you have a large house.

Not labelling your boxes

Make sure you label your boxes with the relevant information. This will help prevent any time wasted when having to rummage through them when unpacking. Also by having well label boxes will save more time and effort as the boxes can be placed in the appropriate rooms the moment the boxes are brought into the new house. Otherwise you could be running around trying to find out where the removals company have put certain boxes. KwikStix recommend labelling all your boxes with the name of the room they are supposed to be put in, and maybe a brief summary of the boxes content.

Fitting a new carpet

One mistake a lot of people make is that when they move their business or home they forget that they want a new carpet in the premises and proceed to get it fitted after they move in. The problem here is that if you wait until your stuff is in the house before you fit a new carpet then you’ll find yourself having to move all your furniture all over again. Get the new carpet fitted as soon as possible, and while you’re at it and the house is empty give it a comprehensive spring clean. That way your new home is clean and fresh as soon as you arrive.

Failing to purge

The mistake here that people make is that they pack and move all their stuff then once they get to their new home or business premises they then look to have a spring clean of some of their stuff but getting rid of it. Be honest with yourself, and consider the fact that you are moving as an opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t need or want – before the actual move itself.

There’s no sense in moving items to your new place and then throwing them out. Just remember that every item that you pack and are moving over to the new place is going to cost you time, money and effort. Ask yourself the question “is really worth taking this item?” You should ideally go through all our belongings and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last year.

Failing to book your move in advance

One common mistake is that people sometimes leave arranging their move until the very last minute by which time most of the removal firms do not have availability, limiting the chances of you being able to use a reputable removal company like KwikStix. You may even find you have to move yourself because you have left it too late which creates even more problems.

The summer months are the more sort after periods for moving which means demand over those months is high, good removal companies are booked up quickly. You don’t want to be scrambling to find a mover the day before you’re supposed to head out. Moving already is stressful enough without adding that frustration. So you need to try to get estimates at least 1-2 months ahead of your scheduled move.

Not leaving enough time to pack your stuff

A 2013 survey from SpareFoot found that people who had moved in 2013 said that packing and unpacking was the biggest hassle in the process. So this may seem like an obvious piece of advice but you need to plan and schedule sufficient time to pack all your items.

The problem here is that is it is easy to miscalculate the time we need to pack because we forget about things like how long wrapping fragile items can take or researching and acquiring sufficient packing supplies. If you aren’t confident preparing a washing machine or computer for transportation then this too can take you longer then you expected. Everything takes time.

There are also areas people seem to forget about when planning their move. Place like the loft and the shed are out of sight and therefore occasionally out of mind? So you need to make sure you leave yourself enough time to clear all areas.

The best approach is to start by packing away the things you won’t need straight away and then packing up one area or one room at a time; don’t try to tackle everything at once.

Using inadequate or cheap packing material

Another common mistake people make when moving is that they get their packing material from supermarket or old boxes from the shed, which both tend to be already damaged and beaten up. This isn’t a good idea as your household valuables have to go into those boxes so if they are not strong enough then you could end up damaging you stuff in the move. Boxes need to be strong and clean and ideally sized for what you need to move, so it’s always advisable to buy new ones.

Cheap packing tape is also common and does a very poor job of keeping your boxes surely sealed during transportation again increasing the changes of items getting damaged. If you are big into recycling then we suggest you buys all new packing material for your move then after you are done with the cardboard then arrange for it to be reused or recycled. 

Hiring the lowest priced removal company

Many factors should be considered when hiring a profession removal firm like KwitStix. While a low estimate may be appealing, you should also consider the company’s insurance policy and professionalism. A shockingly low rate may indicate a less-experienced company. 

Forgetting to record utility readings

This is a common mistake because it is such a little thing that can be overlooked on your moving day, however it could end up costing you a lot of money. When you are doing you final checks make sure you remember to write down your utility readings. These can then be passed onto your suppliers so you only pay what you owe and no more. The last thing you want is to be overcharged for your gas and electricity.

Forgetting to set aside overnight bags

Your moving day the following day are both going to be hectic so you are not going to want to start the finish the day or start a new one having to rummage  through boxes looking for toothbrushes,  pyjamas and fresh clothes for the following day. Even if you are moving straight into your new home, it is easiest if everyone has clean overnight clothes and outfits for the next day easily available.

Not backing up your computer

This is a growing problem that has been observed over recent times. Even when well packed, electronics get jostled around, are stored in warm vehicles, and can be exposed to the elements. A move can be a very physical ordeal so it is advisable that all you computer files are stored on an external drive as a means of back up.

Not using a removal company at all

Moving your home or business is not easy a task and requires a lot of time and man power. A common mistake, which people say they would not make again, is trying to save money by doing the entire move themselves, bypassing a removals company. This is a very big undertaken which takes a lot of planning and hard graft.

Unless you have a very small home with very little possessions then it is never advisable to move everything yourself. Removals companies are skilled at knowing how to fit furniture together in a small space and assessing the volume of possessions. They are also trained at lifting awkward, heavy items, and are well equipped with moving gear and packing supplies. Let’s be honest it would be better to spend your money on a professional removals team rather than months with a chiropractor.

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